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  The spring warm, flowers withered autumn season, to fight, who is in the watch, the lonely fragrance? Two personal feelings, waiting in the face Cang Sonneratia Tanaka. Bloom Yela pain, long falling in the season ending.

  Perhaps the previous marriage, perhaps fate, I met you, but with no regrets, to bury the warm time. A difficult book in tears of heaven, lonely night, how many thoughts soaring? How many people are crying?

  A wisp of melancholy, the broken, a cup of liquor, meet drunk? Yilianyoumeng, who was on the pay? A precious sentence, who did the end of the world send? A low voice to sing, to whom? Sigh, Xu the tenderness, a cup of tea slowed by the thick.

  Where is the Acacia? Autumn is cool, the yellow, often provoke melancholy. All story, but feeling hurt; Yishui people to go to the moon, such as frost. The apprentice is left to hope in the heart, is forced by the lonely and has the dyeing, is not as good as the empty and thin waiting.

  I still depict the glass dream, only hope that the way to love simple, warm heart xiangxi. To care about you, the pieces fall scattered. Cut red love, cut green, keep the warm city, hand in hand, through the romantic peach blossom, a thousand years to shoulder, reflecting a pure heart.

  Sigh, time if water, tentacles without marks, spring to fall back, no heart pain. Locked brow, with sorrow, no thought, that a piece of streamer, fall red blur, a thin month, write and paint, in sorrow mood, for you, for my pen to flower, the word of the situation.

  The Book of Songs of Qingfeng contains quietly ink and wash, picking rain to make clouds, infiltrating beauty, depicting whispers, chanting words, such as lotus, Acacia and thin beauty. Write a note and tear cloud, flat Zeze, word Abas, the poem is fortunate to have several chapter of Chinese parasol falls.

  This kind of mood, for fear of breaking at the margin, the court has already gone Xueyuefenghua dusk. Confused the dust, not only into the autumn, feeling regret, the heart is also left. Let the light book text, disseminated earthly feelings, vivid notes, diffuse through the seasons such as song.

  Pack a good mood, in today's Sujian, zizijuju you strong, beyond poetry, perhaps no longer The imprint is engraved on my heart.. The quiet beauty of pure light rhyme words, heart with you to lean close, Juan write spring roll into chapters, calmly, and flying, the love, the wind from it, the rain from it.

  The ink is still fragrant, allure only Yan old, that I The end of life! Gently shake off the dust, painted on a shallow scar for your thoughts, the distant fragrance aftertaste float near, don't smell the oath burning desire to ashes, and pray, just want to, so keep quiet in your side...

  Father and mother have been married for twenty years, mother is a great beauty, Dad looks very common, a lot of people outside and my father jokes, ask! My mother is so beautiful, ask him is how to catch, dad always smile not to talk, face the look of pride, the mother secretly laugh, mom will be in the opposite side of the road, the father tree shade, waiting for my father to work, dad to work, I stood back and looked at my father and mother have been holding hands in the evening, the wind blowing rub, is not particularly hot, the air is full of wood aroma, this scene I always remember, there are two of them cling to each other from the back, really envious of my mother.

  After more than 20 years of marriage, or the same, a lot of people see my mother is young and she also like nothing's changed, I admire my father to protect my mother has no time to change him, love a person outside with much things and much stress still, but in the face of his lover, all tired and pain away, warm, affectionate unabated, just to give her a happy home of peace of mind, I think we can have a plain happiness down.

  When I was twelve years old, my father suddenly died of disease, or in February, people from the festival just came out, the home still hanging red lanterns didn't collect, the weather is very cold, I was wearing new clothes during the festival, with my mother at home, waiting for operation, who did not see Dad the last one, so he left us, mother kneeling on the bed before dad desperate tears have run out, there is no trace of bright eyes, I can not forget, stood in front of the bed of wood at Dad's face, hear the mother's despair, I feel all my strength has been removed.

  A quiet mind recalls the scene, the mother can't in the tree waiting for work in the father, nor a family of three happy laughing scene, I do not have a father, until more than a year later, turn to the old photos, turn to the family Fu, I think of a problem, I carefully asked again why mom and Dad together, there are many things I cannot read her eyes instantly, she said you guys now too fast, too impetuous, live, eat find objects are too fast, no some know love this thing, in the best, then after the mother of a lot of people enthusiastic pursuit of many, but only the father in slowly chase, a long time, those three minutes past is gone, only the father has been in, Mom and dad really love each oth婴儿癫痫病有哪些症状er, mutual support to longing for each other, it is hard to see mom and dad like this steady love, many people spend a little money.

  It takes a little bit of mind to catch up with the lovers in their dreams, even if they don't know each other. I am glad to see mom and dad so simple love, even if the time change, also there are some people in the world who insist, happy, I love you dad, just like mother love.

  At the beginning of the memory, the same way, the same way the thorn force shoulder hoe.

  Line in front of city size, step over the original Cang mo.

  Yesterday has colored solitary Po, full of melancholy was drunk.

  In the pond with stone lying, canmeng wind to Gulu. The preface

  A rain day gradually cool, light rain Xuan, chaos, drunk Yin Xin dye ink, listening to the wind, open the umbrella bridge. Rain Zhanyi, Duijing desolately, in rain infiltration eaves, Yun Chung heart. The cold wind was blowing, through the window, a window curtain in the misty rain, many melancholy. Water mist flower season, you enchanting who is beautiful? It has to spend summer time, the clock struck a season and a season, lonely, through time and space into time, always be Ningmou, who knows my sorrow?

  The cool season shake off the petals, the hearts of thousands of thoughts, time is what year? The ink pen has a longitudinal maddening, one. Recalling the past, you for me to sing, I sing a song for you, string, brief encounter, lingering in the past love. Pain perception, confused eyes, the bottom of the heart created a barren, you can see? Her eyes are the stars, is a world of tears of shame, she curled Zuiwo, Shanshan soul shadow shadows only.

  Sigh aloof, heavy smoke around the bar, hand flick, was still wandering in the rain. The plane leaves tears, mildly lovesickness, fall with sadness, who is turning West? Let the branch leave a piece of film, who is the wind bell that touches the Acacia? Let love and sweet sausage. Once the mountain light, makes the clouds dispersed. Hold hard, love hate venice. Xinxiang ripples a pray for samsara do not see again.

  Thin bitter waiting, Xu is far away, like a thousand years. Swing around, silent night of chaos, how to cut? Lotus's heart is wrapped in a sad man, can you? To hold a petal for her to pick up the oar, to wake the melancholy in her memory. The ground is so cool, the fog is so heavy, and the patience makes her face wither. If you love, only such as first, yellow thin mirror who face? The lonely light, Ling Bo singrain soon disappear, hold the heart of a pool in Liantang, let the melodious rhyme flow, just want to tell you, friend is hard to find, extremely warm warmth!

  The rain smoke condensate, two "short sentences, read thousands of hearts. Song Ci and Fu Yin as a lotus, if every year on Crescent Spring, no drunken Acacia, green moss incense order, who helped who? In the mirror and asked the leisure in the gloom, where? A pool of flower book do not wrinkle war, eternal cold here, Xianghun yuduan Yuanyang marks, thin and beautiful, come on, curled up in the lofty, made hundreds of thousands of years of watch. Want to send a letter to the media April, hung small print, all the thoughts, ask the distant infatuation.

  The Mo, autumn has seen a wind blown leaves, warm a pot of wine, only worry. At this time, the word "Liao Liao", the memory of the chapter, the years carved a shallow injury. Fine aftertaste, song will intoxicating sausage. Windy and rainy, no return, 'to the depths of the rain falling flower. The empty flower pool, Zhulei centripetal flow. About you for thousands of pieces, scenery, drunk drunk drunk wind, rain, yilianyoumeng.

  Under these circumstances, it is this night, the rain, a light pen, melancholy dash, past throbbing heart, Rouqingsishui, just at that time already frustrated! With the world recession, many unsolved, red dust, can live up to? The ancient water from high mountains, meditation is not only in practice, as close to you, not only for the Zen Buddha, you know. This life, only the red bean seed heart, half of you, half of me, tears for the alliance, love for the oath, just want to borrow your life, and you slowly old.

  When the seasonal precipitation years, the shore ran aground, the soul had Nai River, love to Cambridge, how can we forget, Ding Ling whisper warm atrium too. Akimizu Iyo, a world of mortals, Yiyi, midnight, looking deep red with you again. Because of love, see your bright smile, love, read your text in Qingwan, infatuation, no regrets, whether you are my life Confidante?

  I heard that love is a sacred thing, wonderful, mesmerizing.

  I heard that love is a silly thing, naive, stupid thinking of you.

  I heard that love is a bumpy thing, muddy, but still walk and stop.

  I heard that love is a muddled thing, pay, just want to be selfless.

  I heard that love is a wonderful thing, meeting, doomed to love at first sight.

  I heard that love is a literary and artistic thing, love letters, already written full of paper.

  Meeting, the corner's inexplicable look, the indescribable feeling, only wants to protect you, lets the human not hurt you, lets you smile but does not want to let you cry, I am destined to hit meets, I th庆阳治疗癫痫比较好的医院?ought, I may have found the love.

  Love, I still love you, whatever your obedience or not, I want to take care of you and take care of you, just want you more and more happy, like a pig in my world, eating, sleeping, do not care about the body, because the eyes met, I fell in love with you, I think love is like a fish, decreed by fate, and water, never abandon, until the moment of death will really leave.

  Thinking of you angry, angry look, I will make you laugh, I will coax you, let you slowly not angry, anger is not good, will affect your brain, and silly, so I will be hard to practice typing, it will play more words to make you happy.

  Nonsense, I will accompany you to fight. I will make jokes to make you feel happy. I want to go all the way with you, go all the way with you to the end, so that you hate time too fast, and not enough.

  I heard that the red rose represents love, I will buy you a 11 pot covered with red roses, as long as I accompany you to the old, the love of life, just want to take care of you this pig, I will let you become my princess.

  I want to plant a tree when we started, then we as small seedlings to trees, let our love more and more sweet, and you, is that we often call the old woman, you will scoff me, old shady things.

  I want to hold a wedding dress for you, hold the most beautiful moment you said, generation after generation oath, slowly, let you in my world just like a child, I always do you exposed to wind and rain, a beautiful angel, I support you.

  I want to take you to leave our footprints, although time is too hastily, we will go to the place that you want to go, then we pick the one and only that you said to go to Tibet, you want the most and I have already put it, as the most beautiful place.

  I want to take you to the love with vigour and vitality, so that we will never change until death when I, for you to wear the ring finger ring and you will say, I met you is the most fortunate life.

  A few back down to look for you, asperse and worry step noise.

  Several years running in the vicissitudes of life, for you, rouchangcunduan, a life long.

  You want to do only a short while ago prince, you dance a refined and cultured, qiyuxuanang, comfort you a world of loneliness.

  There is a light in the darkness of the dark, and the ancient ink is rolled under the light, and the time is written for you to write a lovesickness song on the old Xuan paper.

  Only a short while ago you are my side of the woman, and for my lips resourceful, Yu Long Song, I comfort my sorrow.

  The spring season, the first Ten-li resting station, the lights dim, and the breeze as I stand into a very pretty and charming flowers, slender beauty to allure.

  Intentional heart, love without injury, deep love. Evening singing, playing together with the time flies. I will hold your hand tightly in life and death in the desert so you will not feel the glint and flash of cold steel, lonely and afraid. Oar sound and light, light sail boat, hug to you as in the past. With the fire Maple song, Lau moon in pairs, every morning and evening. I really want to robbed you for the rest of your life in this way, and keep in the eyes of each other.

  Love, with you, picturesque. Blooming in my heart in the lotus, is stunning the world.

  Untold past friendship is rain, but I do not know where to meet with you for years, mesh connected Tianshui, playing a marriage on partings.

  Time, you slow down, the previous five hundred years before the bitter cry, only for you and I have a short period of love in this life.

  Not the old days, feeling not xinyouqianqian knot. In the rain forest spring breeze, flowers fall down. I hope the reunion is doomed to end the melancholy song Tang wind rain made my life not to faint acacia. With former rhyme, at Cascade Mountains, with pen volatile ink to warm your cold early spring. The whole night environment, their silent shaking chaos, leisurely. Really afraid of the world of mortals will not love flowers lonely, yesterday will Yuanyang Lu huan.

  Miss, give you, like an idiot. I rubbed into my little red paper and marveled at the world.

  But life is waiting, fall red moon Qingchou pain, such as clothing alone with cream, haggard on the window, where the full moon in the moon?

  The people who miss you, your past five hundred years of bitter practice, I changed my life in the world.

  Fifteen years ago, spent the end of the month, from Zeng Fu poem flowers. This watch on muddy ande similar feelings like the old? The preface

  Looking back yesterday, I had spent eighteen years of bad time. Today, standing in the time tunnel to look back at me, memories have been hard to do. Since the time, do not want to have in the past, but easier said than done.

  I like this poem most, light clouds and thin, are scattered for the rain. In the year of the flower, the most vulnerable are the delicate flowers. And ten years ago, when I saw his first eye, I fell down. Isn't he Yan burst table values, but he gave me the feeling, like a warm breeze on the lake, Liulv branches swaying to the gentle posture, I seem to have a light, clouds, fly to his side, he抗癫痫药对人体的副作用大吗? was gentle doting care, warm feeling, feeling more is that I pass through the time machine, then thousands of years ago, and he once met.

  He is wearing a white coat suit, clean face, filled with fortitude and stubborn, a little older, he was surrounded by wisdom and aura, I wear a red coat, white snow boots foot stand in his place, he looked up at my lovely hair tied into two dumplings, then hold belly Loka laughing, I bully said, don't laugh, laugh your teeth knocked. He rushed up the stairs with a quick mouthpiece. In fact, he's my neighbor. I've been here for so long, but I don't know I like my neighbor.

  Every time I go to school, I always get up very early, and I turn the alarm clock to five every night. So I can go out with him at the same time. Just making breakfast, he was swallowing the breakfast in his mouth and heard him slamming and closing the door. I stopped chopsticks, without demur, picked up the bag, wear good shoes quickly, slammed the door behind them. Audible sound but no, wait a few minutes, he found the beam with joy down from upstairs, but I stood there looking at him, his face flushed, is not, the next is not.

  I thought he was so cute that he couldn't help laughing when he couldn't help laughing. He saw him walking steadily down the stairs. I followed him for a few steps, and I saw him on his father's limousine. I saw him away from a distance, standing in the wind, and letting the hair blow my face. When I got to school, I went into the classroom in a sullen way, but I was worried about why I was in a different class with him, and I could only blame me for his achievement. Class accidentally out of the God, the muddle along without any aim a few classes, the school also don't know. Carrying a shoulder bag, or walk on the road, but found that he and a few girls laughing, I suddenly thought of five kinds of noise, anger, dissatisfaction, more feel sour. Never hold the tears, turned in another direction, your "Chu", everywhere, everywhere amorous. Wiping tears, I plunged into the crowd of students in the sea of people, let the crowd cover up my tears, let the crowd wrap me, and never see you again! Hum...

  Just to the door, hum! I don't want to take care of you. Do not know you, ignore you... You hold the key, open the security door, the reverent and respectful hold the door, I pretended to ignore you, find you a warm little details of me, that I could not forbear the heartbeat, moved. I gently said a word of thanks and rushed forward, but behind my back, I heard you say, you're going to leave... In such a harmless sentence, the building of my hope has collapsed in a moment.

  Came to the school, that you become unripe, to be sent to study abroad, I have a cold, downhearted, only a few steps, it hit a meat wall, looked up to find is the monitor, monitor saw twinkling tears in my eyes to know my thoughts, I dropped a sentence to help you tell it! A moment to give you the answer, so hurry away. I slowly squat down the corner of the wall, I have been in tears, I have known for several years, I haven't talked more than ten times, but now I have to leave, leaving only one sentence I want to leave. Monitor back your reply to me, but I don't care, since you have to go, how can I let you heart here very worried about.

  This day as you go, the earth covered with silvery white, I in the glass on a gas Oh, wrote three words, and these three words, this life you can't see.

  Gift words: the most familiar strangers, these years, you have been engraved in my heart, become a past, also become a memory, if there is an afterlife, I hope to love you, and through life's spring, so good.

  Said the horizon and the Cape, only separated from the heart. If the heart in the remotest corners of the globe, close at hand; measure only after know, Miss across the wall, how to climb, are crushing sorrow, are endless wandering; the original thoughts as well as the rain is like the wind, dripping everywhere, mottled memories of years. Messy, hesitated after thousands of, only when you understand that you are difficult to cross the net, this world a gu!

  Riyousuosi, night had a dream last night, the small east wind, flowers east wall, it was like you, always thought that no contact, can forget the time, the original time is long, thoughts more rich, more yearning, when you sow poison, no medicine can solution, you look clearly well ingrained. As before, still has not changed, such as when standing in front of him, "I will wait for you to grow up......" The voice is so soft, like water, across this season of heart lake.

  Like a flower opening, the need for a time that time is gray, gorgeous with cool breath, not to touch, not to pay attention to, that a drop of rain, or drops into the eyes, slightly cool, a touch of sadness, otherwise the taste welled up; and, slowly turn over years of thick book a line of tangled feelings, a persistent, on the ferry, a ferry in the distance, waiting for your casual glance, drunk into the lounge, just in time, the most beautiful years, smile into each other's eyes.

  If the whole life, only to find you, give yourself a perfect, that in the red road lined with missing lines, flat Zeze, debauch let Yanyinqipan, graffiti, a long strands of flowers, petals rain moist time; a q癫痫病的怎么治疗ue Sujian small, with a surplus like water ink rain, care warm wishes not salutary influence of education, years of injury, you will still not; calm thoughts, light to read, not the old castle, Qingyun long continuous.

  If you can, if you can, in the page of the scene, Miss watch into the horizon of the haze, simple colors, such as the smear thought, sunset shines a heart of landscape garden, a flower leaf under every tree and bush, and read the highlights in sentiment, every little bit, don't miss the taste, until the evening so, a silhouette, poetic dream; banzhan leisure, temperature and wind on a pot, you looked on with lunar night talk; the moonlight is speeding, such as water such as yarn, cupped breeze, thoughts on that heavy curtain, the past meet, you say?

  Always read in the years by thinking, so read the hill a wall Cong Rong, autumn is gradually cool, whether scattered flowers blossoming friendship, then time to ignore the horse, many surrounding a cavity die, Fangfei, fall red pieces, autumn wind dancing, rain, a piece of falling in the foot, which is a distant message, is a left motto, thin, cool in the sleeve, indifferent to the sky no tidings came, or a person in the miss, in obsession, listen to the sound at the end of the season.

  Miss the rain, always be caught off guard when the dripping wet, the glabella scenery, wet ink, pigment on the fuzzy state, the term into the war; that is missing, you kind of poisonous, so the full line of small print every day, go down, every single word or phrase, consider again three pour, miss, this poison, drink a cup and a cup, a car may lay the seeds of life, let the verdant, let the wind with rain, adaptable, bloom heart core twist incense, fall red flower hoe funeral flowers; drink oneself from drink, you kind of poison drink!

  I want to choose a time, heart, quiet corner, quietly Miss Yan, clean way to static read, think that to read, before it and also allows, let Miss dance like wings, hidden Cangmang, Dunqu thin cool, in the original appearance. Wen Xiang count fly; net boiled for a long time, the fabric of a tree flowers, waiting for the daily call to religious life, never abandon the oath; portrait of a gentle, for young life to each other.

  See the sea saw Diewu People are hurrying to and fro., Orioles spring, watching the seasons, seasons, in the early autumn in the color of love, love to write, write and write melancholy, amidst the swaying, water and ink in the song, but around the missing, dye ink that I planted to you!

  Before you wait for the right person, love yourself before you can live up to the unloved time. The preface

  It once was so full of love to love a person who never belonged to me, even in spite of his own image and the eyes of everyone. I was following the stop in place, but the man had gone, never heard my cry, never see my tears, but his embarrassed. That low to the dust of the humble, and not out of the gorgeous fireworks. Later, I realized that love is just like the cup of milk tea I had hidden in the box at the beginning. If it could not be put off, it would not smell long enough to run away for a long time. It would be smelly and smelly, even for both sides.

  Thanks to the desolate years, let me know the art of abandoning. Only after that, I became very careful, not afraid to love, to be afraid of being hurt. In his own heart built a tight wall, others can not go, and he can not come out.

  Fortunately, meeting you in the time of the water, this is really a beautiful scenery. I woke up, no matter how much hurt, someone will make me believe in love. And now, that man is you. But it's a pity that you believe that the people of love are not me. So I began to be jealous, knowing that jealousy originated from care and inadequacy of my heart.

  All of a sudden, my personality changed a lot. Middle school is optimistic and cheerful, but high school becomes sentimental. Junior high school students call me don't bother, not to the benefit of all, high school classmates called me to let go, don't be so infatuated, hang in a tree. I used to be hanged, but now? I don't know, I only know that I'm afraid of the end of my life.

  Keep telling yourself: the road is still so long, how do you have the heart to stay in the place, not to find a place for happiness in the distance? But we all know that if you can't sleep under the tree that you like, what does a whole forest mean to me? I'm sorry, but I can't convince myself that I can only follow it and follow my heart.

  Through so many ways, I gradually understand that some love, not must be in the heart, but should be pressed in the bottom of the heart. The love of the heart will not be annihilated by the years, and will not fade away at any time. Love is not the only possession, but the freedom to open the shackles. Deep love, is gentle and willing to give each other warmth and care, let the other side have branches, no fear of wind and rain.

  If we are in the world walk from first to last, not again, let me put down the obsession, leaving only memories, in shallow or deep time, sing, count the years of sorrow.










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